Used Drones for Sale!

Buy one, get the second one free!
Buy one, get the second one free!

Technology is wonderful; it fills me full of awe,

With sights and opportunities our forebears never saw.

Anyone can span the globe in seconds, using Skype.

Anyone can drop a bomb and turn a town to tripe.

But best of all, the silent drone, that flits like sable bat,

Can track down anyone at all, in any habitat.

Whether you’re a soldier or a tinker or a spy,

A drone can find you with its infrared detecting eye.

The Pentagon has got ‘em, and the CIA as well.

The FBI, and NSA; their usefulness is swell.

And now I’m pleased as punch to say that, like the used car lot,

You can buy your very own – your down payment is naught!

We have them in all colors, slightly used but lethal still.

(And we will use one on you if you do not pay your bill.)

If your hubby’s straying or your wife is just a flirt,

We can sell you one that puts them in a world of hurt.

If you want to follow any game untelevised,

Send your drone on over to become your ears and eyes.

Does a noisy neighbor keep you up for half the night?

Strafe them with your drone at any angle, time or height.

Send a drone to tell your boss you might arrive quite late;

He will get the message (and increase your base pay rate).

Send it out for pizza, or for take out, or for smokes.

Send it out to take care of your in-laws and their jokes.

Send it to the bank to renegotiate your loan;

They will keep you going and your payments all postpone.

Buy a drone today and I will tell you honestly,

We will let you have the second one completely free!

Buy one for the kiddies, for your fishing buddies, or

Send one to that snotty clerk at your convenience store.

You do not need a license and there are no sticker fees,

So buy yours now with confidence and strike your enemies!

Prices have been dropping, but supplies are running short;

North Korea wants ‘em (just for Kim Jong-un’s own sport).

Just for sport . . .
Just for sport . . .