Axel Eats Locally.


Helga canned da bullheads dat I caught on da Zumbrota,

And of sauerkraut ve haf got our yeerly quota.

I made a gallon uf gude vine dat comes from dandelions

I picked myself (vhile dreaming of some cute Havaiins!)


Ve pickled beets and carrots, and ve made some yolly yerky

From da meat dat vas leftover from Tanksgiving turkey.

Da squash is in da basement, wid a heap uf yellow Swedes;

By golly, ve haf plenty now fer all our vinter needs!


I vish dere vas some vay to can or store down in da cellar

Da summer heat ve had last year – I’d be a happy feller.

I dew not care so much for all dis local stuff we eat

If my teeth are chattering and I can’t feel my feet!