A visit from the school clown: “. . . the children were beyond any earthly restraint, and the teachers were biting their nails and nibbling on their lower lips in expectant terror.”

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Clowning around

Another circus memoir from Tim Torkildson: “News of the imminent shuttering of Ringling Brothers Circus has revived interest in the big top — not just among the exalted media, but even down to the local grade-school level. Several of my grandkids have requested my presence in their classroom to demonstrate the old slapstick razzmatazz.

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You might be surprised to learn that this place is “one of the more pleasant places on the planet.”

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Life as we know it

Luv.Mom: “If you have never been in the chemotherapy-infusion room of a cancer clinic, you might be surprised to hear that it’s one of the more pleasant places on the planet. All of the personnel are positive and professional and caring. No one is in a hurry. Patients quickly learn the routine and relax in their heated recliners for an hour as the chemo drips into their bodies. Hot drinks and treats are offered.

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They were walking down the sidewalk, minding their own business, when . . . suddenly — fire truck, camera, action!

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How far back?

Wayne Nelson of Forest Lake writes: “Some of the BB writers have been sharing their memories of how young they were when they can remember things and events. I thought that I would share a couple pictures and short stories with you all of my young-childhood memories.

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“The slapstick troubadours are gone; the cotton candy fades. The acrobats and teeter boards are naught but lonely shades. . .”

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In memoriam
American Icons (yes, for once, an icon that’s truly iconic) Division

Tim Torkildson writes: “From The New York Times: ‘Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus announced on Saturday night that after 146 years of performances, it was folding its big tent forever.’

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