Life as clown alley knew it — or: When a white clown fell in love with a black showgirl . . .

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Clowning around
Including: Then  & Now

Another circus memoir from Tim Torkildson (which we urge you to read, even if you aren’t so big a fan of these circus tales as we are — we know you’re out there!): “The Ringling clown alley in its heyday was an uninhibited bedlam, but with an underlying bedrock of showbiz professionalism. It really didn’t matter who you were, what you did or thought, or how often you sang ‘Ridi Pagliaccio‘ to no one in particular — as long as you showed up fairly sober for each show and didn’t steal from a fellow clown. Just about everything else, in clown alley parlance, was ‘jake.’

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Popular baby names today, from Adalyn and Genesis to Paisley and Zoey: What, no Primghars?

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What’s in a name?
Including: Fun facts to know and tell

Al B of Hartland writes: “The most common names for new babies in my neck of the woods are Adalyn, Alexander, Anna, Aria, Asher, Ava, Ayden, Bennett, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Emma, Genesis, Henry, Isaac, Isabella, Kinsley, Jackson, Liam, Madison, Mason, Oliver, Olivia, Paisley, Sophia and Zoey.

“I haven’t encountered a single Primghar. Primghar is a fine name.

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“How many cream-cheese wontons do you want?” said the mother to her son. Was 40 enough? Too many?

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Keeping your ears open

Fevered Rabbit: “Subject: How many?

“We were enjoying supper at a local Chinese buffet restaurant. A mom was making up a plate for her son, who looked to be about 6 years old. She called across the tables to him:  ‘How many cream-cheese wontons do you want?’ she asked.

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Confession? “I’ve been pretty well cured of the unfortunate and unproductive habit of telling whoppers.”

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To tell the truth . . . (responsorial)
Culminating in: Out of the mouths of babes

Tuesday’s Bulletin Board opened with this note from Al B of Hartland: “I visited with a fellow the other day. He had one of those last names that are longer than they need to be. He grumped about the temperature.

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