Gas Prices Hit All-Time Low in Utah!


On Saturday, January 3, 2015, gas was retailing in the Provo area for $1.89 per gallon.  It appears the price is going to continue to plummet.

A recent poll shows how the American people feel about this.

The public is gradually becoming aware of America’s energy boom. Currently, 54% say domestic energy production has been increasing in recent years, up from 48% in September 2013. Meanwhile, the recent slide in gas prices is registering widely: An overwhelming 89% say that that pump prices have fallen in the past month.

Despite the growth of domestic energy production, public attitudes about energy policies have changed only modestly in recent years. In broad terms, developing alternative energy is viewed as a more important priority than expanding the exploration and production of oil, coal and natural gas. By two-to-one (60% to 30%), more prioritize the development of alternative energy sources than expanded extraction of energy from traditional sources.


  • The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted Dec. 3-7 among 1,507 adults, finds that the public remains wary of the increased use of nuclear power. By a 53%-41% margin, more oppose than favor the government promoting the increased use of nuclear power. Opposition to nuclear power has been at about 50% or above since March 2011, following the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.


Furthermore, the drop in gas prices around the country has registered widely: Fully 89% say that gas prices have gone down either a lot (50%) or a little (39%) over the past month; just 8% say they have gone up at a little or a lot.

Large majorities of college graduates (91%) and those with no college experience (86%) say gas prices have fallen, but college graduates are more likely to say they have declined a lot (56% vs. 43%).


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Flying to Malaysia.


Flying on an airline from Malaysia isn’t wise.

They do not have a franchise when it comes to friendly skies.

Do not take along much baggage or wear a brand-new suit;

Unless you’d like the fishies to recover it as loot.


It seems that pilot error is as common as can be;

Instead of the altimeter they’re watching some TV.

The hostesses are pretty, but they’ve wised up pretty quick;

When flights include old Singapore they always call in sick.


Although their planes are rated by the government as good,

You really cannot do much when the wings are balsa wood.

An ocean cruise is healthier than flying Asia Air.

But then again you might enjoy repeating The Lord’s Prayer.



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You Lose, Al Gore!


The speed limit’s increasing while the price of gas has dropped;

It looks like Al Gore’s efforts to kill traffic have all flopped.

The ease with which we drive our fleshpots on the freeway shows

Warnings about greenhouse gas are just some useless prose.


There is no global warming, and if such a thing were real

It wouldn’t have a thing to do with Corvette’s sex appeal.

Faster! says Bugatti, and More Power! Lexus shouts,

As we mount our Volvos like a pack of drunk mahouts.


Inversions are no matter – what care we for poison air?

We’ll drive through it much faster as our horns we brazen blare.

We’ll never pay the piper, not with those we shall select

In the next election who have sold us on neglect.



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Our Busy Congress.


Congress is as static as a glacier under glass.

As slow to move as granite, as immovable as brass.

Passing legislation is no longer their for-tay;

They only live to lollygag the goshdarn live-long day!


Of course, they’ll rename post offices or pass a resolution;

As long as it demands no thought or slightest convolution.

But major legislation is not something they’ll consider;

They treat it like a leper or a piece of trash or litter.


This feckless inanition isn’t partisan at all.

It comes from PAC donations that are really quite a haul.

Why should a legislator put himself out on a limb,

When in a pool of money he can softly, safely swim?




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A Poet Ponders.


I sit in a recliner bought real cheap at the DI.

I use a rhyming website, though I often wonder why.

I rise before the sun so I can scan the new-mown news.

I write a line of poetry – or is it just a ruse?


My readers – and I have them – like to text me “lol”.

My editors – well, only one – say poetry will not sell.

My ego, like a squeezebox, now expands and now contracts.

My wallet is so empty cartoon moths it sure attracts.


You are not to think I do not ponder modern life;

I think of it more constantly than of my own ex-wife.

You who look for artists to rear up upon their shanks –

I wish you luck in sorting real McCoys from mountebanks!




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Greenhouse Gasses Go Away; Come Again Some Other Day.


The top two emitters of greenhouse gasses

Have given their pledge to the gasping masses.

No more will bituminous coal feed the fires

Of industry so that all mankind expires.


All the fossilized fuels we are using today

Will be minimized until they all go away.

Instead Uncle Sam and the Mandarin dragon

Will go back to using the horse and the wagon.


So China builds dams that despoil the landscape

as hydroelectric clean power takes shape.

While we send our gas guzzling cars all a-packing

(although that does not keep Shell Oil from deep fracking).


What Are You Driving At?


Are You a Caddy or an Edsel?

There is a lot that people can tell about you by the kind of car you drive and the way you take care of it. You are what you drive. If you want to make a good impression on the important people in your life, such as a prospective employer, a current employer, a prospective spouse, or a prospective client, just what kind of a car should you have, and how should you take care of it?

The Drive By Breakup!

By the same token, if you’re trying to discourage a relationship, or even break one off, what kind of a vehicle should you be tooling around in, and what kind of shape should it be in?

Peter Greenblum, the CEO of, an online service that pays cash for junk cars and arranges to have them picked up, says that in some American subcultures a wreck of a car in the front yard is a status symbol, indicating that the owners have the wherewithal to buy a car but never need to sell it or trade it in.

The Motor is the Message.

We invite you to take a look at the following list of cars and upkeep data to help you figure out what kind of a message, subliminal or otherwise, you are currently sending out to the world with your vehicle:

  • Cadillac. Someone over sixty sees a Cadillac on the road and thinks: “That is one sweet ride; that person must be doing great!”. But the younger the observer is, the more likely they are to think: “Who would drive such an ostentatious gas-guzzler? They must be desperate to show off!”
  • Bumper stickers = Uncoolness. If you’re driving a car with absolutely no bumper stickers, not even a logo on any of the windows, you are clearly advertising to the world that you have arrived and do not need to make any kind of statement or endorse any kind of product or philosophy. Conversely, the more bumper stickers you have like “My Child is an Honor Student at . . . “ or “My Other Car is at The Pinewood Derby”, the more likely you are to be seen as conventional and perhaps still struggling to find your place in the world. If your vehicle is absolutely plastered with bumper stickers and logo signs, with only a small port hole left in the windshield to navigate through, it definitely means you are anti-social and want to be left strictly alone.  Never show up in such a vehicle on a sales call or a job interview!
  • Alternative Power is Good, but Brand Names are Better! According to, The New York Auto Show this year highlighted alternatively fueled vehicles as the most important vehicles of the year, but not necessarily the most highly desirable by the younger demographic.  The hottest models included the Acura TLX, the Alfa Romeo 4C, the BMW 2 Series, and the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Convertible. These kind of cars may leave a huge carbon footprint, but they provide the kind of status symbol that younger drivers want in order to impress their peers and superiors.
  • Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile. If you drive this baby you are going to be the universal favorite of eveyone on the planet — man and boy, woman and girl. I’ll have mine with relish.