Eulogy to Spock

Leonard Nimoy. R.I.P.
Leonard Nimoy. R.I.P.

(from the New York Times obituary)

I never liked him much because his logic was intense.

For boys who play with spaceships, it did not make any sense.

Cold reason isn’t something that a boy appreciates;

Such acumen is foreign and it soon evaporates.


No, if you zoom through outer space you meet such wonders there

That there is no time for calculations or despair.

Just thrills and cool technology; green monsters and death rays –

These are what made boyhood such extraordinary days.


But Spock was like a parent, scolding crewmen to behave.

He was an algorithm that could walk and talk and shave.

I wouldn’t call him flawed, and yet I wouldn’t call him right.

His logic could not save him from the grave’s eternal night.


There’ll Be a Hot Time on the Old Earth Tonight!


(Inspired by an article by Geoffrey Mohan.)

Humans keep on warming up the earth, so experts state;

And if we are not careful we will reap a sultry fate.

The polar caps will shrivel and the oceans will ascend,

And in our little motor boats our soggy way we’ll wend.


This year marks the warmest year on earth since 1880;

But conclusions drawn so far are muddled, although weighty.

Is our carbon footprint like a jackboot on the earth,

Or is the whole thing cyclical — a subject of great mirth?


God alone may know if ozone holes will spell our end,

Or if the fossil fuels we burn extinction do portend.

But this much I can tell you; if we don’t control the hazes

That are choking cities now . . . we ALL will go to Blazes!