Ode to the Bowling Alley.


Bowling is a fading memory to many folk;

The younger generation looks upon it as a joke.

The sound of pins cascading and the smell of bowling shoes

Is now the stuff of reverie and melancholy views.


When a bowling alley closes up for once and all,

There never is a poet to give praise to bowling ball.

As the Big Lebowski said in L.A. long ago:

“Bowling is a sport that puts most joy into escrow.”


I think of William Bendix as the archetype of bowlers;

Grinning at a strike until we almost see his molars.

That artless entertainment that was once a bowling lane

We seek now on the Internet, and seek it all in vain.

Sony Drops “The Interview”


We’ve entered a new era of the cinema, my peeps.

With North Korea giving all the studios the creeps.

Producers and directors now are pussy-footing round;

“The Interview” has driven poor old Sony to the ground.


I foresee that studios will bow to hacker threats,

And never make a movie that their dignity upsets.

Dictatorships will be depicted as upstanding states;

Mass murderers as loners who are looking for some mates.


All movie critics will become proactive and extreme;

Taking on the studios just like the old A Team.

Going to the movies is become somewhat war-torn;

You never know if land mines might go off in your popcorn.