Bush the Impaler.


Incomplete, inaccurate reports are Nature’s way

Of guaranteeing presidential guilt is kept at bay.

The Oval Office doesn’t need to count each broken spine;

All they need or want to know concerns the bottom line.


Subterfuge, evasion are an agency’s first tools

In keeping operations from the eyes of prying fools.

Accountability is not a government mandate.

Uncle Sam can torture anyone, at any rate.


Of course, some presidents are not amenable to jibes

That they were bamboozled by those predatory tribes;

They’d rather boast a willingness to ply the red hot poker

To demonstrate that morally they are but mediocre.



The Utah legislature’s in an uproar, naturally.

Republicans and Democrats are braying constantly.

Republicans are saying that their caucus system’s broke,

Because of SB54 – a horrible dark joke!


They can no longer dictate who a party member is,

And this is causing blood pressures to rocket and to fizz.

So they have filed a lawsuit to disable this bad law –

Claiming it makes outsiders their deputized bashaw.


The Democrats, of course, have got a diff’rent point of view,

And say that the Republicans have taken a miscue.

And so it goes; the carousel that never stops to ponder

How much time they’ve stolen just to gibber and to squander.