Mr. Erdogan Talks Turkey.


In Turkey Mr. Erdogan is talking through his hat.

He does this very often when he’s stepping up to bat:

Women must be mothers and unless they fill the cradle

With a pack of infants they are traitors who are fatal.


This is fine if you are preaching to a pack of louts;

But said to normal people it will raise a sea of doubts.

And when he orders all the schools to use the Arab script,

His popularity will sink right down into the crypt.


Of course, there is suspicion that his statements are a ruse

To take the Turkish peoples mind off scandals that suffuse

His administration like bad incense or dead cats –

So the populace will spare him and his cheap trained rats.




This polemic is brought to you by Sony Pictures.  The movie studio that isn’t afraid to take on tyrants!