The Defective Defector.


(Inspired by an article by Choe Sang-Hun)

The USA has always welcomed those with lurid tales.

Of torture for no reason in abominable jails.

Our jaded media wants blood and gore in ev’ry byte;

Paying beau coup bucks for all those ready to recite.


We want to be diverted from abuses here at home

Worse than anything they used back there in ancient Rome.

And so when some escapee from a prison camp abroad

Comes to us with wagging tongue we never call him ‘fraud’.


Encouraged by our appetite, the refugee may pander

To our lust for outrage with a lack of total candor.

Can you blame him for his ebullient exaggeration,

When we will ignore him if he uses moderation?


Bill Cosby.


When you are in the limelight there are insects that desire

To crawl around your feet and then to spit upon your fire.

They drag outrageous stories to the media to vent

Imaginary actions that are twisted, crude, and bent.


Remember Fatty Arbuckle, the silent comic who

Was cleared of rape by jury but then disappeared from view?

And Chaplin was accused of nonsense by so many dopes

That he left the country just ahead of the lynch ropes.


America has always had the best men of true mirth,

And has always treated them like dungy clods of earth.

Bill Cosby is no diff’rent; he is getting the bum’s rush

From the people that for so long carried such a crush!