Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic

(Inspired by a story from the LA Times)

I am so very sorry for the comments that I make

(although some women’s hair cannot be combed except by rake.)

The things I say are pleasantries, not meant to cause dismay

(But if Charlize is truly blonde then I am Tina Fey!)


Please style your hair in any form that pleases you, I beg.

(And take it to the dry cleaners for treatment, my dear Meg.)

Some women wear their hair like it’s a spiky crown of thorns.

(And others tease it high so they can hide their devil horns.)


Sweet Hillary has gotten hers both bobbed and slightly sheared

(Either way it shows off that amazing Clinton beard.)

I love the way Michelle is wearing hers, so distingue.

(A wig could do her wonders if she wore it ev’ry day.)