Alma; Chapter One.


When the Judges started reigning in the Nephite lands

Men and women for the most part toiled with their own hands.

Nehor and his followers, who preached for gold and glory,

Were quickly made irrelevant to the Nephite’s story.


Instead the members of the Church, under the direction

Of Alma tended their own fields and lived in great affection.

Equal with each other, they did not put on grand airs;

They shared with all their neighbors as they bore each other’s cares.


While those who stayed unchurched indulged in worldly revelry;

They paid themselves with folly from the devil’s currency.

Murder, rape and bondage came to them without surcease,

Because their hearts were not attuned to hear the Prince of Peace.

Montana Judicial Race


The sky has no limit out West, so they say;

And neither do swagmen with money to pay.

Montana’s wide open, in more ways than one;

The PACs are enriching each son of a gun.


Even the judges cannot escape ruin

When they run into a free-spending goon.

The money comes in and baloney goes out,

And sticks to the voter’s inelegant snout.


The money that’s spent on political rounds

Would purchase a circus with all of its clowns.

Would feed a small nation or cure a disease.

But no, it is spent in the spreading of sleaze.