One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison.


I read emulsifiers in my choc’late shake may cause

My gut to be as useless as a piece of rotten gauze.

Reader’s Digest says that processed meat is even worse,

And eating lots of hotdogs will land you inside a hearse.


Saturated fat in coconuts and soups therefrom

Make the outlook for weight loss unusually glum.

Even popcorn microwaved has sodium galore;

Eat a bowl and see as how your blood pressure will soar.


Frozen diet entrees are not really too nutritious.

And fruit juice is all sugar, its benefits fictitious.

Ev’rywhere I look an article warns that I’m feeding

Poison to myself . . . and so, I’ve given up on READING.

Lot’s Wife.

second thoughts can lead to brine.
second thoughts can lead to brine.

When Sodom and Gomorrah were reproved with brimstone tact,

Lot and his whole fam’ly were allowed to flee intact.

But on their way to safety in the green hills far away,

There was a fam’ly member who did let her eyesight stray.

We do not know the name of Lot’s recanting better half;

We only know by looking back she made an awful gaffe.

Having lost her savor of the wisdom of their flight

She turned into pure sodium, a pillar of dull white.

Second thoughts are okay till you’ve signed the dotted line,

But then you’d better follow through or you might turn to brine!